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Pay the Bondsman or Risk Death: How COVID-19 Highlights Need for Bail Reform

By: Audrey Blakley More than half a million people sat in U.S. jails mid-2020. [1] Shockingly, this figure has actually decreased from years prior. [2] While the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to this unusual drop, the pandemic also exposed this population to risk of infection and death. [3] It is important to note that most people... Continue Reading →

The Smart and Safe Arizona Act: How a Progressive Statute Punishes the Formerly Convicted Even in Expungement

By: Tor Hawley On November 3, 2020 Arizona voters historically passed Prop 207 which would decriminalize marijuana in a number of meaningful ways. [1] While the statute will benefit the state budget, schools, dispensary owners, and recreational use, the statute is most progressive in its expungement offer. [2] Beginning July 12, 2021 persons previously charged... Continue Reading →

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