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Sexual Harassment and the Wage Gap – the Link Between Power and Pay Disparities in the Workplace

By Victoria Comeaux In October of 2017, The New York Times and The New Yorker published reports that detailed serious allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood heavyweight producer Harvey Weinstein.[1] Weinstein has since been accused of sexual abuse, harassment, and misconduct by over eighty women, acts which span three decades.[2] Since the allegations... Continue Reading →

The Real Grinches of the Holidays: How Private Companies and Online Commissaries Use Care Packages to Prey Upon Families

By Corinne Merdegia Over the holidays, families of incarcerated individuals are barred by many correctional facilities from mailing gift packages or directly giving their loved ones presents during visits. Facilities enacted these strict measures in an effort to clamp down on prison/jail drug and weapon smuggling. Alternately, family and friends are encouraged to shop from... Continue Reading →

North Korean Refugees

By Verity Kang In light of the recent well-publicized and harrowing sprint of a defecting North Korean soldier across the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea, the world has been dramatically reminded of the humanitarian crises happening every day in North Korea.[1] The question, then, becomes: What are we doing about it? The... Continue Reading →

International Law and Targeted Killings in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Kaitlin Secker Israel’s targeted killings in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have often been the source of international controversy. Many violent conflicts ensued after the UN partitioned western Palestine into two states for the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs in 1947.[1] Some of the most notable, recent conflicts include the First and... Continue Reading →

Arizona Voter Initiatives and Strict Compliance

By Nicholas Bustamante The relevance of the United States Constitution in protecting civil liberties cannot be understated. However, similarly worthy of recognition and praise are the role state constitutions provide in augmenting and safeguarding civil liberties. One such example of a state constitution enhancing civil protections is Arizona, where personal privacy protections are made explicit[1].... Continue Reading →

González v. Douglas: Politician’s Inflammatory Online Comments are Fair Game

By: Corinne Merdegia In the age of politicians and public officials promoting discriminatory rhetoric on and off the campaign trail, later winning their elections without facing recourse for their actions, and while in office, pass seemingly neutral laws that actually disproportionately disadvantage certain groups, a question looms above the fold: How much weight should a... Continue Reading →

The Hole in the Justice System You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed: Incompetent Non-Restorable Defendants

By Mackenzie Moore  Let me start by saying that this is in no way an in-depth analysis of Mental Health law in Arizona, something which can’t be done in 1161 words. Now if you are an expert in Ariz. R. Crim. P. 11, you might find yourself saying, “well that’s an oversimplification” or “she sure... Continue Reading →

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