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Immigrants Are Not Your Pawns

By: Erika Galindo Florida Republicans have sent two planes of unauthorized migrants to Martha’s Vineyard without warning to the state and misleading the migrants. This is not the first time Republicans have used this tactic – they claim that unauthorized immigrants come to the United States because of sanctuary cities and states and believe the … Continue reading Immigrants Are Not Your Pawns

Carefully Curated Snippets: Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta

By: Ashleigh Fixico On June 29, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States failed to uphold the integrity of the judiciary when it decided Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta. [1] Instead of relying on long-established rules that provided clear answers to the question at issue, the Court chose “carefully curated snippets” to justify the answer it … Continue reading Carefully Curated Snippets: Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta

Legalization Is Not Enough

By: Travis Henderson Legalization is not enough. This blog post will argue for the complete, automatic, and retroactive legalization of marijuana in place of expungement processes.  The narrative around marijuana is changing, reflected in an ever-growing number of states turning to legalization. The supporters of legalization come from all sides; some point to the potential … Continue reading Legalization Is Not Enough

Prisons on the Other Side of the World

By: Kylie Yanes There are currently 30 prisons in the country of Malawi, Southeastern Africa. The mission of the Malawi Prisons Service is to contribute to public security and safety through the rehabilitation, reformation, development, and community integration of offenders. Although this mission is admirable, it can be difficult to implement with the resources that … Continue reading Prisons on the Other Side of the World

Is America a Democratic Society?

By: Alexis Eisa Democracy, derived from the Greek words “demos,” meaning the people, and “kratia,” meaning the power of authority, is internationally recognized as the power to the people. Yet, America, the alleged pioneer and leader in democracy, has seen its democratic principles slowly eroded away. So much so, that the erosion and resulting political … Continue reading Is America a Democratic Society?