Why India Is No Longer A Democracy

By: Priyal Thakkar While decrying the loss of basic human rights in the world’s largest democracy might seem hyperbolic, many international actors are, rightfully, concerned that India is on the verge of becoming an authoritarian state. In its report, Democracy under Siege, Freedom House explains civil liberties have been on the decline since Prime Minister... Continue Reading →

The future of LGBTQIA+ rights looks Grimm

By: Russell Facente               Bostock v. Clayton County may seem for gay and trans equality what Brown v. Board of Ed. was  for racial equality: a momentous (re)interpretation of statutory language and a substantial change in legal protection, albeit cabined to one sector of society. Brown did not overturn segregation everywhere, only in public education.... Continue Reading →

Of the Problems with the Death Penalty, Wrongful Conviction Might Be One of the Scariest

By: Elyssa Creary-Scher “…it is far worse to convict an innocent man than to let a guilty man go free.” Justice Harlan, concurring, In re Winship (397 U.S. 358, 372) (1970) According to the Equal Justice Initiative, for every nine people executed, one person on death row is exonerated. Since 1973, 185 former death-row prisoners... Continue Reading →

Pay the Bondsman or Risk Death: How COVID-19 Highlights Need for Bail Reform

By: Audrey Blakley More than half a million people sat in U.S. jails mid-2020. [1] Shockingly, this figure has actually decreased from years prior. [2] While the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to this unusual drop, the pandemic also exposed this population to risk of infection and death. [3] It is important to note that most people... Continue Reading →

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