VOLUME IV, Fall 2013 | Law Journal for Social Justice

Editor’s Note:

The 2013 Law Journal for Social Justice Symposium, “Just/Justice: Valuing Fairness and Efficiency in the Criminal Justice System” brought together a collection of interdisciplinary scholars, attorneys and community members to discuss theoretical and practical concerns in the United States’ Criminal Justice system.  Discussions ranged from the ethics of attorneys within the system, theoretical concerns of criminal justice, mental health, and community support.  Panelists included scholars from Law, History, Justice Studies, Social Work, and Criminology, alongside practicing attorneys, judges and community organizers.

This issue echoes those discussions in a series of articles that analyze prosecutorial ethics, the provocation defense in cases with LGBTQ victims, the racialized effects of mass incarceration and resistance, and intimate partner violence in LGBTQ communities.  The first article, Testing the Death Penalty, comes from the “Just/Justice” keynote speaker, Paul Charlton, written with Quintin Cushner and William Knight, and sets the tone of this issue by presenting new ideas in thinking about the operation of the criminal justice system.  Each article analyzes a sector of criminal justice practice to raise important questions about fairness and efficiency in the criminal justice system.

Special thanks to the entire staff of the Law Journal for Social Justice, past and present, who helped to create this edition, particularly Executive Articles Editor Erin Iungerich, Executive Managing Editor Natali Segovia, Notes and Comments Editor Timothy Brody, and Former Editors Janette Corral, Jose Carrillo, Laura Clymer, and Michael Malin.

Jeremiah Chin
2013-2014 Editor-in-Chief, The Law Journal for Social Justice

Fall 2014 issue by article:

Testing the Death Penalty by Paul Charlton, Quintin Cushner and William H. Knight

Hyde-ing from the Truth: Does the Hyde Amendment Provide an Adequate Remedy for Known Prosecutorial Misconduct? by William H. Knight

Provocation Excuse: Using International Laws and Norms to Give Perspective in the Domestic Sphere by Erin Iungerich

Lockdown for Liberty: Black Masculinities, Mass Incarceration and Labor in the Georgia Prisoners Strike by Jeremiah Chin

LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence in Phoenix by Justin Hoffman

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