The Law Journal for Social Justice (LJSJ) at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law provides an enduring and meaningful forum for legal discourse, scholarship, and professional development, with special focus on local, national, and international social justice issues.

The Mission of The Law Journal for Social Justice is to foster important conversations involving timely social justice issues. Through its work, The Law Journal for Social Justice seeks to share diverse voices and perspectives to promote a deeper understanding of the complex social justice issues in our society.


Kacie Fountain

Managing Editor
Katarina Hernández

Senior Articles Editor
Jason Wood

Symposium Chair
Liza Lawson Risoldi

Online Media Editor
Audrey Blakley

Director of Business and External Affairs
Bianca Cortez

Articles Editors
Dayna Rauliuk, Isaac Kort-Meade, Katie Embley, Kira Darragh, Landon Maxwell

Associate Editors
Aimee Harvey, Alexis Eisa, Allison Gloss, Ashleigh Fixico, Austin Agostino, Benjamin Smart, Brittany Habbart, Chad Edwards, Danielle Russell, Dylan Reynolds, Epiphanie Couture, Fallon Cochlin, Freeman Halle, Gillian Grant, Isabel Ranney, Jaidyn Rumpca, Kylie Love, Kyle Minardi, Lexi Carroll, Lisa Rode, Louis Gallegos, Madeline Louis, Madison Benson, Olivia Li, Princeton Wilson, Priyal Thakkar, Russell Facente, Ryan Maxey, Sarah Fisher, Scarlet Rush, Sharon Foster, Tiffany Farr, Tihanne Mar-Shall, Travis Henderson, Yanneli Llamas, Yash Desai

Faculty Advisor
Professor Zachary Kramer

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Law Journal for Social Justice C/O ASU College of Law
N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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