VOLUME V, Spring 2015 | Law Journal for Social Justice

Editor’s Note:

The 2015 Law Journal for Social Justice Symposium, “Contemporary Discrimination” focused on current concerns regarding civil rights and civil liberty. Discussions ranged from the political legislative process, resistance in enforcement of civil rights judgments, and sexual orientation employment discrimination. Panelists included politicians, scholars from diverse backgrounds, practicing attorneys and community organizers.

Drawing on broader considerations, this issue features articles analyzing an array of concerns in the criminal, civil and international tribunals. The first article, You Have Your Whole Life in Front of You…Behind Bars, written by Rachel Forman, beings this issue by discussing a need to ban life without parole sentences for juvenile non-homicide offenders. Inalvis M. Zubiaur, in Death Row: Mentally Impaired Inmates and the Appeal Process, continues the focus on sentencing by engaging concerns regarding capital punishment. Next, in Injection and the Right of Access, Timothy F. Brown argues for increased access to lethal injection procedures to understand its constitutionality. Shifting consideration to the civil sphere, Victor D. Lopez & Eugene T. Maccarrone raise issues about privacy, due process, public policy and the basic fairness of traffic enforcement by camera, in Traffic Enforcement by Camera. Beginning the focus on international concerns, Fictitious Labeling, by Efe Ukala, discusses “recommendations that may help curb constitutional issues resulting from deportation.” Brittany Fink, in Increase Quota, Invite Opportunities, Improve Economy, proposes amendments to the DREAM Act that extend the path to citizenship.” Katharine Villalobos then focuses on the sociology of immigration in The Crucible, using historical examples to discuss the War on Terror. Falling Through the Cracks by Marissa N. Goldberg changes the focus to international law and unique considerations of women in the drug trade industry. Finally, Seeking Truth in the Balkans by Erin K. Lovall and June E. Vutrano concludes the issue by discussing the role of international law in seeking justice following the wars in the Balkans. Together these articles analyze issues that raise important questions about fairness and civil rights in the domestic and international contexts.

Special thanks to the entire staff of the Law Journal for Social Justice, who helped create this edition.

Kristyne Schaaf-Olson
2014-2015 Editor-in-Chief, The Law Journal for Social Justice

Spring 2015 issue by article:

You Have Your Whole Life in Front of You . . . Behind Bars: It’s Time to Ban De Facto Life Without Parole for Juvenile Non-Homicide Offenders by Rachel Forman

Death Row: Mentally Impaired Inmates and the Appeal Process by Inalvis M. Zubiaur

Injection and the Right of Access: The Intersection of the Eighth and First Amendments by Timothy F. Brown

Traffic Enforcement by Camera: Privacy and Due Process in the Age of Big Brother by Victor D. Lopez and Eugene T. Maccarone

Fictitious Labeling: The Implications in an Immigration Context by Efe Ukala

Increase Quota, Invite Opportunities, Improve Economy: An Examination of the Educational and Employment Crisis of Undocumented Immigrants and Individuals From Abroad by Brittany Fink

The Crucible: Old Notions of Hysteria in Modern America by Katharine Villalobos

Falling Through the Cracks: The Treatment of Female Drug Traffickers by Marissa N. Goldberg

Seeking Truth in the Balkans: Analysis of Whether the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Has Contributed to Peace, Reconciliation, Justice, or Truth in the Region and the Tribunal’s Overall Enduring Legacy by Erin K. Lovall and June E. Vutrano