Law Journal for Social Justice, Fall 2011 Edition

By Article:

Testing the Boundaries of Humanitarian Relief from Removal: A Case Study of Claims by Mexican Law Enforcement Officers Targeted by Narcotraffickers by Kathryn A. Lohmeyer

Up from Colorblindness: Equality, Race, and the Lessons of Ricci v. DeStefano by Steven V. Mazie

Deferred Prosecution Agreements: Prosecutorial Balance in Times of Economic Meltdown by Sharon Oded

The Details of Discrimination by Zachary A. Kramer

Forging The Road Ahead: An Essay on Justice and Transformation in Legal Education by Rebecca Tsosie

The Cost of Denial: “Meds Yeghern” and the Quest for Restorative Justice for Descendants of Armenian Genocide Victims by Mykil Bachoian

Case Note: Criminal Law-Search and Seizure-Warrantless GPS Vehicle Tracking to Be Considered by the Supreme Court by Jack Escobar

Dream Act Still Just a Dream for Now: The Positive Effects of Creating a New Path to Lawful Status by Encouraging Military Enlistment and the Pursuit of Higher Education by Johnny Sinodis

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