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Oral Argument Cancellation Brings Hope to Remain in Mexico Critics

By Bianca Cortez Less than one month into President Biden’s first term in office, the Supreme Court canceled oral arguments to address two immigration disputes relating to Trump-era immigration policies. Because President Biden plans to implement immigration initiatives designed to undo many of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, the Biden-Harris administration requested that the Supreme... Continue Reading →

Kamala Harris, No. 1 Racial Draft Pick of 2021

By Liza Lawson Risoldi In 2004, Chapelle’s Show featured the Racial Draft. Three announcers commented while the Black, White, Asian, Jewish, and Latino teams selected their draft picks. The Black team picked Tiger Woods and he then lost all his endorsements. The Latino team claimed Elian Gonzalez, a five-year old child who had been embroiled... Continue Reading →

What Does the New Presidency Mean for Immigration?

By Landon Maxwell Despite legal challenges and violent pushback from his supporters, President Donald Trump’s presidency ended on January 20th as Joe Biden was sworn into office. Much public attention was focused on the possibility of further violent riots occurring on inauguration day, as well as Trump’s imminent impeachment trial. However, millions of undocumented immigrants... Continue Reading →

Federal Whistleblower Protections in the Age of COVID-19

By Kyle Minardi No worker should have to sacrifice their safety for their job, particularly during a global pandemic. Sadly, Charles Collins was forced to make that exact choice. A shop foreman in New Jersey, Charles Collins noticed that his workplace had been blatantly disregarding measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. His managers were... Continue Reading →

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