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Can You Buy Human Rights? Projections for Afghanistan

By: Kara Woods             November 24th is the date for the Afghanistan 2020 Donor’s Conference, where the US is taking a different stance than it has from the past 19 years, and is encouraging other countries to do the same. Secretary Pompeo’s remarks concerning US policy for the 2020 Donor’s Conference is inline with the... Continue Reading →

The Forced Sterilization of Immigrant Women

By Kelsey Whalen             ICE detention centers are notable for their inhumane conditions. These conditions include lack of soap, toothpaste, and a place to shower. Detained immigrants are living in cramped spaces, cages, and sleeping on concrete floors. While these living conditions are bad in normal times, the COVID-19 pandemic has made an already bad... Continue Reading →

The Consequences of Longer Wait Times at the Polls for African Americans

By Tihanne Mar-Shall The recent election and the pandemic combined, have highlighted various issues African Americans have faced for decades. African Americans face barriers to voting at every stage of the process. Historically, poll taxes, literacy requirements, violence during Reconstruction and Jim Crow all served as initial barriers to voting for African Americans in the... Continue Reading →

Have We Protected The Right To Vote For The Disabled?

By Bryan Shapiro             In the United States, around 56 million, or 18%, of Americans are considered to be disabled. Of that number, 38.3 million are eligible to vote this year, or one-sixth of the entire electorate.  The disabled population is also diverse, with differing needs and impediments to fully accessing society. The Americans with... Continue Reading →

Strapping Tribal Sovereignty into the Electric Chair: Federal Government Executes Convicted Navajo Man Despite Navajo Nation’s Plea Against the Death Penalty

By Jens Camp In the midst of the Kenosha Shooting [1] and the Republican National Convention, the federal government was moving forward with its plans to execute Lezmond Mitchell, a member of the Navajo Nation and the only Native American man on federal death row. [2] On August 26th, 2020 the federal government executed Lezmond... Continue Reading →

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