Will the Passage of Prop 206 Help Reduce Poverty in Arizona?

By: Robert Buddingh In the November 2016 general election, Arizona voters approved Proposition 206.[1] Along with mandating employers to guarantee paid sick time to their employees, this measure will annually increase the minimum wage during the start of the next four years.[2] The current minimum wage in Arizona in 2016 is $8.05 per hour and... Continue Reading →

A Debtors Dilemma

By: Tiffany Setters Having successfully trekked through the long, arduous years of law school, an attorney is most likely aware of what constitutes basic debtors’ rights.  For instance, they likely know that a creditor should refrain from showing up at a debtor’s door while ostentatiously handling a baseball bat, cracking his or her knuckles, and... Continue Reading →

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