Editing Japan’s History

By: C.B. Misbach Since coverage of the rape case in India began, there has been an increased global awareness of rape and crimes against women.  It could be an important moment for reflection and reform in so many places where these issues don't receive the attention they deserve.  It is in this context that the … Continue reading Editing Japan’s History


By MATHEW WADSWORTH It is convention season in America, and as anyone who has glanced at any news website after a big political speech knows, that means it is spin, half-truth, mistruth, and outright lie season in America. One Fox News commentator declared that Paul Ryan’s convention speech was good news for the economy because “The Romney-Ryan campaign … Continue reading Truthiness

Fake Fraud: Subterfuge in the Name of Justice

By JUSTIN GRANT Voter fraud is a serious problem, and we must do everything we can to ensure the fairness and integrity of our elections. Undoubtedly, you have heard this sentiment expressed countless times in the past several months. The prospect is at once compelling and frightening, especially at a time when potentially unlimited corporate … Continue reading Fake Fraud: Subterfuge in the Name of Justice