2016 Presidential Election shows U.S has a long way to go toward for respect for Women’s Equality.

By: Rebecca Banes The 2016 U.S. presidential election cycle lasted for well over a year.[1] Women’s’ rights were at the forefront from the get go, with democrat Hilary Clinton running and becoming the first female major party nominee for President of the United States.[2] In the weeks leading up to Election Day, the focus on... Continue Reading →

Prop 303

Prop 303 – Right to Try Nathan Erickson - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law The recent November 4th election in Arizona changed many things in Arizona. One bright spot for social justice was the overwhelming passage of Proposition 303 – the Right to Try. The legislation gives terminally ill patients the right to try... Continue Reading →

Arizona GOP Supports Homeless Empowerment?

By J. Austin Gaylord Arizona is having a big year in the national media. Since the passing of SB1070, news outlets seem to have developed an insatiable appetite for the state’s wacky antics, and Arizonans have been very obliging.  With desert beheadings, federal investigations, prison escapees and a legislative war against the Fourteenth Amendment, Arizona... Continue Reading →

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