Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence Erin Iungerich With the recent review by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights review of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, and public debate regarding intimate partner violence (IPV) as it relates to the National Football League (not to mention review of disciplinary procedures), the issue of IPV has been particularly salient as of... Continue Reading →

100K Homes: Emptying America’s Streets

by Lara Rhodes Each day approximately 700,000 people in America are homeless,[1] and 110,000 of them are considered “chronically homeless,”[2] living on the streets or in a shelter for more than a year. Despite these shocking statistics, homelessness takes a backseat to other hot-button issues, such as healthcare reform and immigration.   To many who live... Continue Reading →

The Tucson Tragedy, Political Divisions and Gun Laws in Arizona

By: Ayensa Millan Reflecting on the Tucson tragedy of January 8, 2011, two questions have come to the fore and should be discussed. First, has the divisiveness and heated rhetoric of American politics contributed to this incident? And, second, should we be considering changes to our gun laws? Within the last decade, politics in the... Continue Reading →

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