Citizen’s Disbanded: Divided We Fall on Citizen’s United

by SAMAN GOLESTAN Citizen’s United.1 Those two words evoke very visceral and divisive reactions from many people across the political spectrum. The landmark Supreme Court decision has become a political football over the past two years, and polls show that it is one of the most controversial rulings the high court has issued in recent... Continue Reading →


By MATHEW WADSWORTH It is convention season in America, and as anyone who has glanced at any news website after a big political speech knows, that means it is spin, half-truth, mistruth, and outright lie season in America. One Fox News commentator declared that Paul Ryan’s convention speech was good news for the economy because “The Romney-Ryan campaign... Continue Reading →

Fake Fraud: Subterfuge in the Name of Justice

By JUSTIN GRANT Voter fraud is a serious problem, and we must do everything we can to ensure the fairness and integrity of our elections. Undoubtedly, you have heard this sentiment expressed countless times in the past several months. The prospect is at once compelling and frightening, especially at a time when potentially unlimited corporate... Continue Reading →

Arizona GOP Supports Homeless Empowerment?

By J. Austin Gaylord Arizona is having a big year in the national media. Since the passing of SB1070, news outlets seem to have developed an insatiable appetite for the state’s wacky antics, and Arizonans have been very obliging.  With desert beheadings, federal investigations, prison escapees and a legislative war against the Fourteenth Amendment, Arizona... Continue Reading →

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