Bullying Legislation – Arizona

Bullying Legislation Bullying has become a nationwide problem and public health issue. Because of this, the majority of states are starting to take action by passing laws and amending current laws in order to help control and restrain bullying. However, there are currently no federal laws that directly address bullying.[1] Bullying can overlap with the... Continue Reading →

A Push Toward Silence: The Progression of Cyberbullying and the Laws to Stop It

By: Lara Rhodes In 2006, Tina Meier found her thirteen-year-old daughter Megan, hanging from a belt in her closet.  Megan committed suicide after a fictitious boy,[1] Josh Evans, posted disparaging comments on Megan’s MySpace message board calling her “fat” and a “slut.”[2] Less than one-half hour before she ended her short life, Megan received a... Continue Reading →

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