Bullying Legislation – Arizona

Bullying Legislation Bullying has become a nationwide problem and public health issue. Because of this, the majority of states are starting to take action by passing laws and amending current laws in order to help control and restrain bullying. However, there are currently no federal laws that directly address bullying.[1] Bullying can overlap with the … Continue reading Bullying Legislation – Arizona

A Legal Right to Air Conditioning?

by Mat Wadsworth A small Pinal County, Arizona utility company made headlines this week for its August 31st decision to disconnect power to 96 homes. Electrical District No. 3 spokesman Bill Stacy’s position is that customers need to pay their bills or their power will be turned off. According to Stacy, disconnects for nonpayment “average several hundred disconnects per month.” The company’s position makes some sense at first … Continue reading A Legal Right to Air Conditioning?

End Police Brutality

by Kevin Heade When Elvira Fernandez called the police on October 5, 2010, she couldn't have known what was about to happen. Elvira was embroiled in a domestic dispute involving her 29-year-old son, Daniel Rodriguez but when she called on her local law enforcement to pacify the situation, the only “peace” the officers brought was … Continue reading End Police Brutality

The Tucson Tragedy, Political Divisions and Gun Laws in Arizona

By: Ayensa Millan Reflecting on the Tucson tragedy of January 8, 2011, two questions have come to the fore and should be discussed. First, has the divisiveness and heated rhetoric of American politics contributed to this incident? And, second, should we be considering changes to our gun laws? Within the last decade, politics in the … Continue reading The Tucson Tragedy, Political Divisions and Gun Laws in Arizona

Arizona GOP Supports Homeless Empowerment?

By J. Austin Gaylord Arizona is having a big year in the national media. Since the passing of SB1070, news outlets seem to have developed an insatiable appetite for the state’s wacky antics, and Arizonans have been very obliging.  With desert beheadings, federal investigations, prison escapees and a legislative war against the Fourteenth Amendment, Arizona … Continue reading Arizona GOP Supports Homeless Empowerment?