By: Liban Yousuf


Super Bowl is largest single human trafficking incident in the United States.

While thousands flooded to the city of New Orleans for the big game this past Sunday, many came unwillingly as part of the largest single human trafficking incident in the United States.

Amongst the many football fans coming to cheer on their favorite teams came many human traffickers hoping to take advantage of the crowds. With large crowds come a demand for sex and the chances for traffickers to increase their profit. The large crowd also makes this demand and the victims of sex trafficking almost unnoticeable.

According to Forbes, more than 10,000 prostitutes were brought into Miami for the 2010 Super Bowl. Many of those prostitutes were underage. As of Friday, five women have already been rescued as victims of sex trafficking and there has been eight human trafficking related arrests made in New Orleans.

Advocacy groups have taken to the streets of New Orleans to spread awareness of the issue and to advise restaurants, bars, and nightclubs of signs of illegal activities related to sex trafficking.

I, personally, was never aware of this shocking phenomenon. As the nation celebrates the champions of one of our favorite pastimes, we should be aware of the ugly underbelly of the “greatest show on Earth”.

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