To the Capital

This photography titled “To the Capitol” by Mark Peterson captures a march along the Washington Mall in April, 2009.

We are beginning a new feature here at the ljsj chronicle called the art of social justice. We will regularly be posting photographs and other visual depictions of social justice. What constitutes the art of social justice? I have no idea. If you think you know what the art of social justice looks like, post your photograph or artwork to our flickr group, or email it to Many of our featured photos can be seen in our past Art of Social Justice flickr gallery.

One thought on “The Art of Social Justice

  1. This imagined choice justifies these principles as the principles of justice for us, because we would agree to them in a fair decision procedure. Rawls’s theory distinguishes two kinds of goods – (1) liberties and (2) social and economic goods, i.e. wealth, income and power – and applies different distributions to them – equality between citizens for (1), equality unless inequality improves the position of the worst off for (2).

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